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Indonesia economy has grown, therefore it’s demand the professional skills to solve the complexities of managerial, technical and engineering to fulfill the vital persons that need for government program to develope all of countries in Pekanbaru Indonesia.

PT. Swastika Universal Inovasi was established Since 1999 we stand with all of our ability to answer that question, grow in the middle of competitive market was not easy, that’s become challenge and motivation to go ahead. Professionality, relationship and strong reputation make us stay to exist and always give the best of us that we brougth to you because we care the future.

Swastika Advertising is a private enterprise in Outdoor Advertising busines. Swastika located at Riau Province with Pekanbaru as the Capital City.


Swastika as the growing and famous enterprise in Riau Province has a professional management and helps the region’s developing to increase Riau’s economy and resources.


As the high class of advertising, elite, and socialize with Riau’s people, as the motivator of region economy, and as the advertising leader at Riau Province, as the opportunity resources and occupation opportunity, and as the pioneer of the famous advertising in Riau Province. @2012


Corporate Image
Without you, we are nothing,
Grow image, get safety,
People effort to increase occupation opportunity, to raise Riau development.